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  • 24k Gold Plated HDMI Cable E Type to a Male for Car
24k Gold Plated HDMI Cable E Type to a Male for Car

24k Gold Plated HDMI Cable E Type to a Male for Car

  • Species: HDMI
  • Applicaiton: Multimedia, Home Appliance, Projector, Computer, HDTV, Car
  • Length: 1.5m
  • HS Code: 8536690000
  • Product description: HDMI Cable E Type to a Male,HDMI Type a to Type E,HDMI a to E,HDMI Type E to Type a,HDMI Type a Cable,Type a HDMI Cable
24k Gold Plated HDMI Cable E Type to a Male for Car
1)Recently for car interiors, the demand for entertainment devices such as blu-ray players and connectivity with digital portable devices like smartphones has been increasing. To meet this demand, NEW interface HDMI Type E  developed for automotive applications.   The was designed to satisfy high-speed transmission performance while taking into account automotive use requirements, and it achieves both mechanical and environment suitability through features such as exclusively developed shielded wires.
  Automotive Grade Type E HDMI connector offers an enhanced experience for next generation Infotainment systems and HD media entertainment solutions.
Approved by the HDMI Association, It provides customers with HD image quality and reliable data transmission, making it ideal for automotive environments.
Automotive Connection System
Automotive video systems are increasingly popular, and car manufacturers have been asking for a way to incorporate HDMI connectivity into their vehicles.
The HDMI 1.4 specification answers that need with a new, robust automotive connection system, specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of the road while delivering true HD video to a seatback or dashboard display.
The new automotive connection system consists of two elements:
A new type of Automotive HDMI cable, designed for connections within a vehicle and tested to perform under the unique stresses of the motoring environment such as vibration and temperature extremes.
A new category of locking HDMI connector, known as the Type E connector, designed for securing
Internal connections within a vehicle.Owners of HDMI-equipped vehicles will be able to easily enjoy HD video from their personal media players, HD camcorders, and other digital sources while on the go.
HDMI Type E Connector is designed for High Speed Data Transmission and to meet Automotive requirements. It has a robust design to improve vibratility and impact resistance in comparison with Consumer HDMI connectors. It is EMI optimized with full shielded design.
Smartphone connection in vehicle are rapidly increasing, HDMI Type E connector is one of the best solutions to connect smartphone video stream
2)Length: 5ft
3)Compatible with tons of current mobile devices like Android, Windows, Blackberry, & more
4)Wire Gauge: 32 AWG
5)Fully HDCP compliant
6)Supports the following HD resolutions: 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1280x1024, and beyond
7)Has 1 male HDMI (type E) connector,1 HDMI type A connector



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